About Us



Harold Sokyrka is an award-winning patented inventor and the creator of “The Kwik BagIt System". During the past 50 years of being in business, Harold has been a serial entrepreneur with an enthusiastic attitude towards anything that he sets his mind to do, and he radiates a sincere passion for inventing new products, processes, and developing new businesses. Harold is one of the world’s oldest, longest-living heart transplant recipients (1986) and can attest to his favorite slogan –“DON’T QUIT – Because if you do - YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE FAILED”.

He has good reason to “Pay Back” and he hopes that his new invention will help to change the ways that we can improve our waste management and recycling practices by "Making the Task Easier" using the "Kwik Bagit System" and the reusable, washable, Poly/Cloth Bags which can replace the oil-based, single-use plastic bags that are plugging up our landfills and damaging our precious environment.

Kwik BagIt in association with Best Way To Recycle is committed to helping your community to improve proper waste management, recycling practices, composting strategies, and reuse sustainability, buy offering a community education program called “WHAT GOES WHERE? AND WHY’. This is an educational program that is shared with the stakeholders in your community to discuss and educate how to improve the ways that we can become more eco-friendly. 

This program offers an excellent fundraising opportunity that local groups can utilize by selling the Kwik BagIt bag holders and bags at a profit – to be able to raise funds to improve their community facilities, or sports and music group costs. For more information about this opportunity, contact us today.