Holiday season is right here. A time for happiness and to be merry. But unfortunately not all is cheerful because more than 35% of more waste is generated during this time of the year. 

During the entire holiday season the Americans & Canadians create millions of waste that adds to the already ruined landfills. Let us also not forget the December end celebrations, poor anti-environment choices and food waste around the holiday season. We are here to change this. Kwik BagIt is here to show you the way to have a green & sustainable holiday season. 

By following a few simple tips for waste reduction and recycling, you’ll have the opportunity to make sustainability a holiday tradition.

Pro Tip 1: Reduce the Wastage of Food

Food waste is a major issue in many countries. Many cities still struggle to succeed in eating one proper meal in the day. Millions and millions of food and organics go into the landfills, polluting it every holiday season. Food waste also include the leftover food in packaged cans and jars that are thrown away or giving into recycling. This leads to co-mingling and contamination leading to devaluation of the materials. Holiday season is a happy time which includes a lot of delicious food but major amount food is thrown away which leads to high organic waste.

What can be done: You need to get into the habit of composting all the organic and food material, like fruits, coffee grinds, breads, vegetables, basically anything that is not fatty or contains meat. Pack the leftover food like meat and other processed food into eco-friendly boxes or bowls and give the food to your friends and family or simply give it to the needy instead of throwing away. You can also upcycle by learning new recipes on the internet. Use the leftover food to make something more interesting for the next day.

Pro Tip 2: Don’t Use Plastic

We understand that this seem extreme and it is difficult to find any food at the super market that is not packed in plastic or the alternative is simply too expensive or unavailable. Here you could create DIY boxes to carry or pack your food, made out of cardboards and newspapers. If you have to buy something from the super market that has plastic, ensure you recycle the plastic material and do not throw it away in your trash which may end into the landfills. This may be lethal to many ecosystems.

When you next go shopping, spend a little more time into reading the packaging before buying. Ensure to check words like “recyclable” or “reusable”. It is always exciting hosting the Holiday parties and inviting your friends and family especially after the pandemic but it is very important to also think about the environment and be responsible while you party.

What can be done: Use the tip 1 and tip 2 together for being sustainable. As mentioned already, pack the leftover food into glass mason jars or reusable containers. Strictly avoid plastic containers or plastic wraps. Glass is always a better option because it is reusable, very easily recyclable and it looks great and classy too. It is by far a great alternative to plastic. Also ensure to use ceramic crockery and metal silverware rather than plastic. Washing the utensils after the party can be a tad bit tiring but this is something that we all need to get into the habit of for being 100% sustainable.

Pro Tip 3: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

You have partied a lot and ate a lot of that delicious meat but and you obviously don’t feel like doing any work. Sounds familiar right? It is absolutely normal but what makes the difference is finally getting motivated to do all the cleaning. At times you might get tempted to just throw all of it and get rid of it but this one act can actually be dangerous to the environment. It is very important to sort out your recycling and start a new recycling tradition.

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