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Introducing You To The Most Innovative Waste Management System For Combatting Waste Issues

The world generates billions of tonnes of waste every year. It has become a global issue that is now threatening ecosystems all over the world. Unfortunately, the Blue-Bin Program introduced to tackle household waste has failed, and it is going to get worse unless we change our habits.

Fear not! Kwik BagIt Products International Inc. (KBI) is committed to reducing the unnecessary number of valuable recyclable materials entering our Municipal landfills. We aim to offer eco-friendly products and solutions for household and commercial businesses for waste management. The Kwik Bagit bags we produce can effectively combat plastic pollution. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Exploring Our Contributions to the Innovative Waste Management System

Harold Sokyrka, the founder & CEO of the company, has spent the last 3 years developing a Patent Pending Licensed System designed to drastically improve the collection of the quality and quantity of household recycling materials before they are sent to the waste and recycling stream. And keeping this in mind, the company has produced Kwik Bagit bags made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET) for collecting recyclables and compostable yard debris. Not only that, but we also offer patent-pending bag holders to make the recycling bags easy to use.

The “Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards System” is a member-based organization that works closely with local and national non-profit community associations, retailers, and households to generate a new stream of revenue that focuses on proper waste management and recycling practices. And if you buy our recycling bags, you can become a part of this. We partner with local schools and non-profit groups who will arrange to pick up your plastic waste. And these will be processed as a donation to raise ‘cash for trash’. But what sets Kwik Bagit bags apart from curbside collectors? Let’s Explore!

What Distinguishes Kwik Bagit Bags from Traditional Curbside Bins?

Mess-Free Experience:

Kwik Bagit bags feature leak-proof bottoms, ensuring a clean and mess-free waste collection experience. In contrast, traditional curbside bins may lead to spills and untidy surroundings.


Kwik Bagit bags are recyclable, contributing to ongoing waste reduction efforts. Even at the end of their life cycle, these bags can be repurposed, aligning with sustainability goals. In contrast, curbside collectors, often made of non-recyclable materials, contribute to environmental concerns.

Efficient Capacity:

Holding the equivalent of 3 plastic bags, Kwik Bagit bags result in fewer trips to Beverage Container Refund Depots compared to traditional curbside bins. This increased capacity and efficiency make them a more convenient option for waste collection, reducing the frequency of disposal trips.

“Proper Recycling starts at the SOURCE – In the store and your home - NOT at the end of a conveyor belt,” says innovator Harold Sokyrka. Our “System” can retrieve more than 80% of recyclable materials, including plastics, glass, metal, and e-waste. It involves collaborating with local MRF’s and Municipalities under an exclusive NDA agreement. KBI Members will be instructed on how to clean and deposit their household materials into exclusive KBI bags that identify the type of recyclable materials, ensuring no commingling and contamination. Once the bag is full, the user seals and deposits it into community drop-off locations situated in parking lots of non-profit organizations.

Both the householder and the non-profit group will be rewarded by KBI. Also, the member packaging processors and retailers will get discount offers and coupons. The waste materials will be sold directly to reprocessors. The “System” will also significantly reduce operational and transportation costs.

We want to help governments achieve "Net Zero Plastic by 2030." Our innovative approach involves working with households to change habits. This system is especially valuable for municipalities, MRFs, medical facilities, restaurants, colleges, and environmentally conscious families. It caters to those concerned about sustainability, climate change, and the environment. Harold Sokyrka emphasizes its significance for processors needing clean, quality plastics, glass, and metals for reprocessing into new products. So, visit us if you want to use Kwik Bagit bags to build a sustainable future.
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